Ni Hao Taiwan!: Taichung - Xinshe Flower Festival Trip Cancelled!

3:45 PM

Hello guys! Sorry for letting you waiting for so long. So I decided to continue my post after long time missing in action. Ok, here you go!

After 2 hours 30 minutes inside the train and we finally arrived at Taichung Train Station. There's so many people there especially Indonesian, Vietnamese and others. There's a lot of Indonesian and Vietnam Restaurant nearby. It's looks like Petaling Street there. This is how our problem begin. We arrived too early at the hotel. The hotel check in time is on 3pm. There's nothing to do since everything there needs to book in advance. I mean the taxi tour or a tour itself. No walk in tour available. We decided to go to Xinshe Flower Festival. Since it's Sunday and the festival just started 2 days ago so there's a lot of people going to visit that festival. No taxi want to brought us there.

Because my friends insist to go there so I've accepted 1 of the taxi driver offer to brought us to the festival. I'm not expecting that the festival is quite far from our hotel. We're nearly arrived to the event but the taxi driver could not wait any longer and he suggest that it's better to take a bus since the bus going smoothly inside. No need to queue. He returned back and send us in to the main point where we hailed for the taxi before. He takes half of the fare which is 500TWD because he cant send us to the event. It's not cheap even 4 of us shared the amount. Poor us. I think we've been cheated.

So we decided to have our early lunch at the Indonesian Restaurant nearby since it's still early. We entered the 1st Indo restaurant but no one assist us after few seconds sitting there and found out that it's all self service there. No one told us about that and the Indonesians there keep starring at us weirdly until we feel so uneasy and we decided to leave the restaurant empty handed.

The 2nd Indo Restaurant is quite ok so we decided to have our lunch there. Then we heading back to the hotel and found out that it's still early to check in. So there's nothing we can do, we just sit in the sofa and wasting our time there using free wifi provided by the hotel.

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