Ni Hao Taiwan!: Taichung - Moon Lake Hotel

3:55 PM

Finally, It's 3pm and we've already got our key but it's weird that they give us 2 keys for 2 rooms since I only book for 1. The previous room has been canceled. I don't want to think about that because we're too tired. So we find out that there's exactly 2 rooms. I thought that maybe the room I booked has fully occupied and maybe because of that they give us different rooms. I haven't take it seriously since I've to pay the same amount as stated in

Hotel Front View. Source:
After we woke up in the next morning, we prepared to go out for our next plan to visit Sun Moon Lake. Upon going out, there's an old guy, maybe he's the owner of the hotel greet us and explained that we've to pay full amount since we only paid for 1 room only. Wait! What?? It's the correct amount right? Your staff said that we only have to pay that amount and why do we have to pay for the balance which is the price for other room that has been cancelled?

He urged us to pay and we cant cancel the room as it will be treated as cancelling room for last minute and we've to pay full amount according to Yes I know that but I've cancelled the other room long before we departed. I think a month ago. Then I realised that they haven't updated their booking details. I show him my updated booking via apps and explained to him that I've cancelled the room before. He don't want to listen to me instead and ask me to pay for full amount. Ok fine! I pay. There's nothing I can do. So we've to pay no matter what. I solemnly swear I'll not stepped both of my feet there. This is the 1st and the last time I stayed at your hotel. Never! Full stop!
This is how our room looks like. Pretty and comfortable but this is only advantage that I get. Source:
This is my 1st time having bad experience with the hotel/hostel I've stayed. Haven't experience this since my very 1st time travelling overseas. Even hotel in Vietnam are better than this. Sigh~

There's nothing much can I say for this hotel. The only good thing that this hotel is clean and comfortable with cheaper price but sadly, the staffs are not very helpful at all. 1st, only 1 - 3 of them can understand english and they all are not around frequently. They can't even help us for giving directions or calling for a taxi instead of suggest us to hail for a taxi by our own. They haven't suggest any good place to visit around Taichung either. The check in time way too late. Check in time is on 3pm. Oh ya! The free wifi in my room was so slow and always lost of connection.

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