Ni Hao Taiwan!: Nantou - Sun Moon Lake

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Forget about the incident on the hotel. Now, we moved to NTBUS station nearby to buy the Sun Moon Lake Package. It's conveniently located at the back of the hotel. Just need a little walk. We saw a lot of elderly there waiting for the bus. Ya, all of them either want to go to Cingjing Farm, Sun Moon Lake or other places. There's several packages for Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm you can choose from. You can either choose to buy a package or buy an ala carte ticket available. As for our conveniences, we choose package even the price is not really cheap. It's a all in 1 package which you can use for various activities there.

You can refer to NTBus website for more info on packages and offers. There's 8 packages for Sun Moon Lake and (including 2 packages for the elderly) can be choose from:
  1. Sun Moon Lake Pass NT360
  2. Sun Moon Lake Pass NT680
  3. Sun Moon Lake Pass NT990
  4. Sun Moon Lake Bike PASS NT570
  5. Sun Moon Lake - Checheng PASS NT300
  6. Sun Moon Lake - Alishan 5 Day PASS NT699
  7. Sun Moon Lake PASS NT330 (for age over than 65)
  8. Sun Moon Lake PASS NT520 (for age over than 65)
I choose Sun Moon Lake Pass NT990 that offers:
  1. One way direct bus ticket from Taichung - Sun Moon Lake
  2. One way bus ticket from Taichung - Puli/Puli - Taichung + One way ticket from Puli - Sun Moon Lake/Sun Moon Lake - Puli (you need to exchange bus in Puli)
  3. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Admission Ticket Voucher including Ropeway (you can exchange the voucher to the admission ticket upon arrival)
  4. Boat Ticket Voucher - there's 3 stop you can hop on and hop off whenever you want: Shuishe Pier (1s t stop where the NTBus drop us), Ita Thao Pier (where the Formosan Aboriginal located) and Xuanguang Pier (Temple) (you need to exchange the voucher to ticket too) 
  5. Round the lake bus One Day Ticket Voucher
  6. Shuishe - Xiangshan (the visitor centre where you can collect special gift if you successfully collect all the stamps) One Way Bus Ticket

There's a lot activity and tickets inside 1 package right? If you want to visit this place, you need to manage your time here or else it's a waste to bought the package. Here's my plan to ensure that we used all the voucher given in 1 day. This is my plan:

Using transfer tickets (Taichung - Puli & Puli - Sun Moon Lake) - Riding a boat to Ita Thao Pier - 1st Ropeway - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village - 2nd Ropeway - Theme Park - back to Ropeway - Using 1 way bus ticket back to Shuishe - Using direct bus ticket (Sun Moon Lake - Taichung)

NOTE: We haven't used 1 way bus ticket to Visitor Centre (Shuishe - Xiangshan) since we don't have enough time to visit all places and collect the stamps. So we have no gift to collect there. Uhuhu..

We met 2 Singaporean Chinese uncle that are really friendly. They helped us to translate the chinese words in the tickets and keep helping us to asked the bus conductor on how our package works. They advise us which options is better and keep chatting with us until our bus arrived. So nice of you uncle. Thanks so much for your help. :)

Ok back to our trip plan. Our plan is to ride the boat to Ita Thao and heading to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 1st. After a while, the boat stopped at 1 of the 3 piers available and suddenly we realize that we are at the wrong pier which is Xuanguang Pier. No wonder we saw a big temple upon arriving. Hahaha.. Ok, let's ride the boat again to the Ita Thao Pier. Finally, after arriving at Ita Thao, we having trouble to search for the ropeway. Since the shop owner there didn't speak english so I need to find a ropeway picture to show them. Luckily, we've our brochures with us so I show the uncle ropeway picture and he pointed the way. Oh there's a signboard there. Ok let's follow the signboards then.

We reached to the 1st ropeway station. So we ride the ropeway to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. This is the 1st time I'm taking a long ropeway. I can see the beautiful view of Sun Moon Lake from above. It's fascinating! Once arrived, without wasting our time, we mingling around the village and bought some souvenirs before we heading to Formosan Theme Park via 2nd ropeway. This time the journey to the Theme Park quite short. I let the girls enjoying and riding what they want before we continue to visit other places.

Then we left the theme park and back to Ita Thao Pier and take the bus from there to Shuishe Pier as where we've been drop off before to take direct bus to Taichung. There we go! Our day trip to Sun Moon Lake was successfully done. Mission accomplished! Need to gain our beauty sleep for our next location, Cingjing Farm.

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