Winner of Inni-Bestie Contest & Innisfree Malaysia 1st Inni-Versary 2015

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Hi there! I should update for Taiwan Trip right? Haha.. Sorry.. I'm still preparing the post. Meanwhile, I want to share my good news to all of you because it's my 1st time experiencing it and quite excited. Haha.. Ok, let me start. I've taking part in 1 of Innisfree Inni-Bestie Facebook Contest. Some of you might know that Innisfree is 1 of the leading Korean Cosmetics & Skin Care products which are environmental and eco-friendly and most of the products are based on Jeju organic plants.

I've used their products several years ago since my 1st visit to Korea and I'm excited to know that they've opened their 1st Malaysia outlet at Sunway Pyramid. Now, Innisfree Malaysia has turned 1 and they recently opened 2 more outlets which are at Paradigm Mall and Pavilion KL. To celebrate their 1st anniversary, they proudly invited all Innisfree VIP members and 10 lucky winners of Inni-Bestie to join and celebrate together with them.

See my name there? Haha..
How I won this?

There's a rules of the contest which you need to actively participate on all Innisfree contests, like, comment and share their posts to be 1 of 10 lucky winners of Inni-Bestie. Since then, I've tried my best to be Innisfree Malaysia active followers. I thought that I don't have any luck on this as the contest is quite hard and so many participants who has participated. Alhamdulillah, my luck this time so I won. I'm the only Malay among the 10 winners. Ngee~
Those are prize that I've won
The Private Party are been held at Taman Mahsuri @ The Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur on 5th December 2015. The event starts at 9.45am and finished at 1pm. There'a a lot of fun activities there. Upon arriving, I've be given the prize of Inni-Bestie which is worth RM350 (consits of all full sized packaging of Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask, The famous Green Tea Seed Serum, Innisfree Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream, 3 pieces of Innisfree Green Tea Mask and my favorite Innisfree Long Wear Cushion), a krabag with Sparkling Mineral Water Bottle (used to put a freshly blend fruit juice - oranges + honey dew/watermelon + lychee from Eco-Blender activity), Innisfree Hankie, 3 pairs of Innisfree Didier Dubot bracelets and 1 Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist. I've be given a hand tag as a pass to enter the event + a card which is required a stamp for each activities.
Live Acoustic Band. Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
This is the stamps card. See all the 8 activities there? I only got 6 out of 8 stamps when this photo was taken.
They've prepared a small breakfast buffet and small sweet desserts corner in the event. The dress code should be green/white. It's the theme color of Innisfree. The party theme is more likely to be a picnic style with all green eco surrounding with trees and flowers which is more to garden style. So beautiful. There's a wish tree inside where we can put our wishes or to congratulate Innisfree and hang our wishes card at the tree. 3 lucky wishes will received a premium prize from Innisfree (I'm not the lucky 1.. haha) There's a live acoustic band too.

This is the Wishing Tree with wish card. Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
The picnic style table for guests to use during the activities
Some small desserts to munch during the event
As I mentioned earlier, there's an  activities to fulfilled and we must completed all activities with a stamps in the card given to redeem a special prize. Prize again? I love Innisfree. Haha.. So there's 8 activities to complete. The activities are:

1. Photo Sharing

We need to take a photo in their photo booth and tagged Innisfree using hashtags (#innisfreeMy #inniVersary) and post it on Instagram to make it appeared in the photo corner so they can print a copy of the photo as a souvenir.
This is the photo we choose to be printed out
2. Product Experience

We need to test or experience the product itself to redeem for the 2nd stamp.

Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
3. The Eco Blender

We need to choose either orange + honey dew/watermelon + lychee to be blend as a fresh juice to be filled inside the Mineral Sparkling Bottle given. We need to ride a bicycle and keep cycling to activated the eco-blender. Sounds like you can do some exercise here while you can get fresh juice at the same time.
Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
4. DIY Terrarium

This is my favorite.We've been given a box to put all the sand, grass and some of the small decoration to decorate our own style terrarium inside the jar and the best thing, we can take this home as a souvenir.
The front jar is my own masterpiece
5. DIY Potpourri

We have to fill in the small bag with dried flowers + choosing which perfume (there's 4 types of perfume - but I like gardenia more). The staff there will help to tied the bag securely and given another stamp after completion.
Me focusing on doing my things
6. Hand Care Session

They provide a hand massage in this booth. This 1 I need to wait for my turns since the queue is too long. My turns is on 1.15pm but I don't want to wait any longer so I skipped this by asking for stamp only. Haha..

Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
7. Recycle and Redeem

I don't know that this is the compulsory things to do to get a stamp so I didn't brought any empty skin care bottle since I've throw away all of them. Haha.. If I brought 1, I can redeem a small gift from them. But no worries, the staff there are so generous. She still given us the stamp to complete our mission. Hehe.. Thanks ya!

8. Brunch Box

This is the last activity for today. We've been given 2 boxes of meals. 1st box inclusive of tomato penne pasta with cheese and 3 pieces of kimbap with soy sauce and wasabi. The 2nd box inclusive of Salad Mix with thousand island sauce and a cut off bread. The boxes also comes with a mineral water and a green apple. Sounds like a very healthy food right?
Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
1 of the brunch box. The wooden spoon and fork so cute!
After completing all the 8 stamps inside the card, we can redeem for the special gift which includes 1 cupcake, a printed picture of all guests and staff and a box of Innisfree Best Loved Kits (all small-sized packaging: The Green Tea Seed Serum (again.. Haha..), Innisfree Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream (and again..), Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence Light, Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack - Jeju Volcanic (Super).
Source: Innisfree Malaysia Facebook
I'm so glad to be chosen as inni-Bestie and really had so much fun through the event. Hope I can attend more events like this in a future. :) Thanks so much Innisfree Malaysia for this opportunity! Congratulations! Thumbs up!
Most important, I've met 2 new friends there, Rina & Niza. They are siblings.
For more info on latest events/contests/products do visit Innisfree Malaysia Facebook Page.

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