Ni Hao Taiwan!: Taichung - The Adventurous Journey to Taichung

1:39 PM

Early in the morning, we had our own breakfast before heading to TRA Station. We purchase the train ticket on the spot and find out that not much seat left and we end up having 4 different tickets. The strange things that the staff at the counter haven;t ask for our opinion whether we want to sit together. At least, we can wait for another train. Ya there's communication problem but it's ok.

The 4 different types of tickets that we've got are 1 ticket with seat, another 1 is with seat until Changhua station and then continue standing while another 2 are no seat tickets which means we have to stand for 2hrs 30mins. Hahaha.. We really don't want to sit/standing separately since we got different coaches numbers. So we asked the staff at the information counter whether there's the other way we can sit or stand together. They suggest us to sit on the floor at coach 12. Okkkk.. At least we can sit together.

Actually, coach 12 is the place for placing bicycle and there's no single seats there. So we have to sit on the floor. I thought that there's only us but actually so many people without seat is sitting there joining us. The bitter truths is there's 2 elderly which we can called them as uncle sit on the floor and they brought their own meals to eat throughout the journey. At least please give them a seat la. It's pitiful to see them sitting on the floor. Seeing they happily having their meals made me think, we must be thankful on what we have now no matter how it takes. Hmm.. uncles.. you're my inspiration.

So throughout the journey, I've spent most of my time on the floor listening to my mp3 and sometimes stand up to snap some beautiful views outside. This is my 1st time experiencing this. I haven't sit on the floor for longer journey especially inside the train in my own country. Haha.. Quite weird but something told me this is the funny things to remember. So take this as an uniquely adventurous journey. Hehe..

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