Ni Hao Taiwan!: Kaohsiung - Dome of Light & Kaohsiung Mosque

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After checking in at Hwa Hong Hotel, we decided to take for a walk after a quick rest. 1st place to visit before heading to Kaohsiung Mosque to find a halal food is the Dome of Light which is located inside the Formosa Boulevard MRT station. It's quite magnificent that the popular attraction is inside the MRT station. Full of arts elements and maybe got it's own meaning delivered through the painting there. I'm once the art student and I learned that most of the painters like to express their feeling through painting. So I believe that this masterpiece got it's own meaning that the "artsy" people can understand. Haha.. Plus, the colorful lights makes it looks more attractive and beautiful. There's only 1 thing I can say.. Wow!

After snaping, selfie-ing, wefie-ing and mingling around and saying WOW with mouth wide open repeatedly, we continue to take MRT and heading towards Kaohsiung Mosque. According to the directions, we've to stop at Weiwuying Station and take a walk. Maybe a long walk to the Mosque that is located quite far from the MRT station. Sounds like it's only takes less than 5 minutes walk according to the directions but I think we've taken around 10 minutes to arrived to the destination. Haha.. Because it's quite confusing to find which way to go since the directions was not really helpful or what can I say in terms of IT language.. "Not user-friendly at all". So guys, don't believe what the directions says because if they said it takes around 5 minutes it's actually 2x the actual approximate time given. I think the person who said it's less than 5 minutes is running not walking. Hahaha.. Just joking...;p

After arriving in front of the Mosque, we can see there's a bus with quite a lot of chinese muslim. I think it's a trip and they stopped at the Mosque to perform their Maghrib prayer and for your info, their prayer time is earlier than Malaysia although no differences on time zone. 5pm+ already Maghrib while we at Malaysia around 7pm+ can be consider as Maghrib right?

So, we decided to have our dinner at the Indonesian restaurant next to the Mosque which I believe it's "Warung Sate Muslim Bapak Zainal Abidin" which is quite popular among the muslim there. Once we walked inside, the staff there (that indonesian woman sounds like a gangster) told us there's no seats left since all being booked by the chinese muslim trip that I've mentioned earlier. For me. it's quite rude la even she's not meant to treat us like that. Maybe her style quite rough but you need to treat customer nicely la. Right? So we decided to order Nasi Goreng and take away. No other options so we have to eat on the sidewalk while watching the citizens cars and scooters passed by.

At night, we're trying to find way to go to Shoushan LOVE Observatory but failed because of miscommunication among us and the people there and lots of people don't even know where's the place is. For me, Kaohsiung is quite boring. Nothing to see and hard to find some attractions. I decided to go to Kaohsiung because it's a new route opened by AirAsia and thought wanna give it a try because the fare is quite cheap. Luckily, I only decided to stay there for 1 night only before we heading to the next province which is Taichung on the next morning. So farewell Kaohsiung!

This is the directions given by their website:

Dome of Light:

Take KMRT (高雄捷運) to O5/R10 Formosa Boulevard Station (捷運美麗島站).

Kaohsiung Mosque & Warung Sate Muslim Bapak Zainal Abidin:

Take MRT to Weiwuying Station, and take a walk less than 5 minutes in Jianjun Rd or take bus no 88 infront of Kaohsiung Train Stations (25 minutes)

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